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Aluminum Training Blades, Long and Short

  • $ 9995

Here is our collection (so far) of heavy duty, contact, hardened aluminum training blades.  Much stronger than other cast aluminum blades for more realistic contact.  Perfect for re-en-actors, stunt men, actors, movie scenes, or just plain hard contact training.  The hardened and specially treated aluminum is more likely to bend than break under hard contact, which is a big safety factor.

Will ding under contact but is also easily fixed and reshaped with a file or sand paper.

Although made for hard contact you still must exercise caution and work within safety limits.  You are responsible for you.

These are all handmade here in the USA.

Pictures are lettered only for easy reference.   Click on the Style to see each one and see the price for each.  From left to right:

A - Katana Samurai Sword trainer: Blade 30", Handle 10", Overall length 40.5"   

B - Krabi Krabong Muay Thai Sword: Blade 24.75", Handle 15", Overall length 40.5"

C - Gununting Filipino SwordBlade 23.75", Handle 5.75", Overall length 30.25"

D - Pinuti Itak Short SwordBlade 15", Handle 5", Overall length 21.75"

E - Swagger Short SwordBlade 11", Handle 6", Overall length 17.25"

F - Filipino Combat KnifeBlade 7.5", Handle 5.25", Overall length 13"

G - Western Style Combat KnifeBlade 6", Handle 4.25", Overall length 10.5"

H - Double Edge Dagger KnifeBlade 5.25", Handle 4.5", Overall length 10"

I - Folder Style Small KnifeBlade 3.25", Handle 4.5", Overall length 8.5"

J - Traditional Korambit KnifeBlade 2.5", Handle 4.5", Overall length 6.25"

K - Small Blade Korambit Knife: Blade 2", Handle 4.5", Overall length 6.25"

 - All sizes are approximate.  Product will vary as we make these by hand.-


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