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Pinuti / Itak 22" - KIL Aluminum Trainer

  • $ 4495

This is a great Itak, also known as a Pinuti, for training.   We make ours from air hardened aircraft grade aluminum.  Making them extremely durable yet safe.  You can go full force with these but we do not recommend that.  Instead, keep the strikes to 3/4 strength or below.  The beauty of our aluminum trainers is that they are more likely to bend than to break, and still give you that true feeling of using a metal weapon.

Our design is based on blades from the Bohol region of the Philippines.

The edges will take a beating but they are easy to reshape using a file or sand paper.

The short Pinuti / Itak trainer is about 22" long.

Made in the USA by US Military Veterans.

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