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Kali Sabres (pair) - KIL Aluminum Trainers

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Limited test run.

  The Kali Sabre (or sometimes misspelled Saber) is an interesting add on for bladed drills sets. By comparison to most traditional Filipino training swords, i.e. Bolos, Itaks, and Pinutis etc. which tend to be on the heavier side. These lightweight 'sabres' are ideal for finesse training and allow for  finer blade techniques that can be both European and Filipino in their expression.

  Made from our very own air-craft grade, air-hardened, heavy duty impact aluminum.  Although all our high-impact aluminum trainers can take full force fighting, we do NOT recommend you do so.  Practice within your own skill limits. We do recommend you do not go over 1/2 speed or force contact.

Overall length: 31"

Blade length: 24"

Weight (pair): 1.2 pounds

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