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Karambit (Traditional or Small Blade) - KIL Aluminum Trainer

  • $ 2195

KIL Karambit (kerambit, or korambit) high impact, air-craft grade aluminum trainers.  The blade on these items are not large like on the "hollywood" karambits.  They more of a Javanese design.  Perfect for practicing karambit techniques without fear of being cut.

KIL Karambit, Small Blade - No cord wrap.  Perfect for concealment and realistic movements.

 KIL Karambit Black Cord Wrap.  This simply another choice in karambits. The blade is about 3 inches long.  Fits in the palm nicely; plenty of room for a guy with big hands. 

KIL karambit Green Cord Wrap.  Great for those who want a smaller grip because of the flatter cord wrap (550 Military Paracord).

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